Mr. T. Arokia Swamy (shortly known as T.A. Swamy) is an NRI from Madras.

Prior to his taking up a job in Dubai in the year 1977, he worked for about 20 years in India in various capacities and different organizations. Relevant to his present day work is his 3 years service with an automobile company selling Mercedes Benz and Willy's Jeeps and spare parts, about 8 years in a factory manufacturing under licence from Worthington-Simpson UK Centrifugal and monobloc pumpsets and 9 years as the Personal Assistant to the Director of Structural Engineering Research Centre/Coordinating Director of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Complex, Madras, India.

Since 1977, he worked for about 13 years for ETA Ascon, Dubai continuously shouldering different responsibilities, the last one being the position of Manager in-charge of Westinghouse, USA business interests in Iran during the period 1979-1989. This period saw an historical change in the Middle East initiated by the Islamic Revolution and followed by the Iran-Iraq war. The company finally chose Mr. Swamy and clothed him with unlimited powers as is evident from the power of attorney (copy on request) to do this job though he was completely new to this line.

During this period of atrocious war, Mr. Swamy's help was sought by many in Iran in sourcing and procuring several basic requirements which were either scarce or "Hard-to-Find/Problematical" for them due to obvious reasons. Mr. Swamy stayed for longer periods in Iran, traveled to every nook and corner of the country mainly through road transportation risking his own life and family and solved their problems to the extent possible through his sincere and unrelented efforts. This diversion and service with a missionary zeal and enthusiasm earned Mr. Swamy abundant appreciation and goodwill of his clients throughout Iran besides a substantial increase i.e. extra millions of dollars for his employer. Mr. Swamy left the services of this employer in October 1989.

Between 1989 & 1992 (April), Mr. Swamy worked for another small company but had to abandon this employment also because the million dollar business promoted was too big for this employer.

Mr. Swamy started TAS INTERNATIONAL TRADING in April 1992 with his own 100% investment, thanks to the unstinted support extended by his friends, TAS has now stabilized itself as one of the best organizations for sourcing and a major export house to the neighbouring countries.

The total 43 years experience of Mr. Swamy combined with the support of his engineer son Ashok who presently manages the Canadian operations and the well-trained few staff enable TAS to source and supply any type of requirements for the Industries with ease but to the entire satisfaction of its vast clients.